Vox Vegana is an international vegan music, theatre, and film collaboration. Voices of compassion in harmony!

Camp Compassion is the flagship project of Vox Vegana. It is a musical about a typical teenager named Keef Frankenburger who unwittingly finds himself at a vegan camp for a week during one hot American summer. He'd much rather be playing video games and eating animal-product-infused junk food. He'd much rather be...well, anywhere but here with these freaky herbivores. Hilarity, romance, awakening, and transformation are in store for our “ambitagonist” and his soon-to-be friends.

With book written by Mary Littlejohn of Fabulist Theatre (Canada), music and lyrics by Aaron Abolition (AKA Aaron Cadam Samuels, UK, originally from the US), a bit of everything by Diksha Dixit, the founder of Vegan Fest India (Bhopal), and an original composition by Daan Douma (Belgium, originally from the Netherlands), our creative team represents as small portion of the international diversity that is the ever-expanding vegan population, and this is reflected in our character list. The spirit of veganism is unlimited inclusivity: everyone is welcome at Camp Compassion!

Vox Vegana is keen to connect and collaborate with vegan creatives of all types, particularly those with music, film, and/or theatre skills: Actors, singers, dancers, musicians, painters, designers, directors, choreographers, producers, etc. If you are interested in being a part of our organisation, please reach out to see how we can work together to make life-changing, world-changing art and entertainment. Through the normalisation of veganism, we build the future - and the future is vegan!

Please have a listen to some our past and current collaborations on our Soundcloud page and on YouTube.