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Celebrate, Yes, but Beware of Plan A

It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.” ~Judge John Philpot Curran

It is unusual to hear a man of such widespread influence and power such as Boris Johnson say he is sorry and admit to wrongdoing. It almost feels like an error in judgment of his PR staff. We, the people, are much more accustomed to figures such as he just laughing in our faces...making all kinds of promises and promptly ignoring those promises once they have our votes (or however it is that they come to power). We’re so used to it in fact, that the ones who vote just take this kind of deception as par for the course and the rest of us don’t even bother to participate anymore.

Anybody who has witnessed the theatre of politics closely enough knows that there is no significant difference between the so-called right and the so-called left. Both are in it for themselves. Both are bought and sold by corporations. Both are guilty of insider trading and who knows how many other crimes. Both take credit whenever anything goes right and point fingers whenever anything goes wrong. Both will casually deflect from offering any direct answer to any accusation and instead speak of all the ways they’ve allegedly served us.

The current administration in the UK doesn’t want to talk about the fact that their highest ranking official – a man with more access to world data than any other – casually disregarded his own lockdown mandates throughout 2021. While the rest of us huddled in fear of this deadliest of plagues that they warned us about,they told us to hide from, they told us to mask-up for, they told us to jab-jab-jab for – they partied. No social distancing. No masks. No shame. Could it be because they know something that we don’t?

Well, now it’s finally time for the rest of us in the UK to party like it's Downing Street 2021, because we’ve moved from “Plan B” to “Plan A.” Certainly a move in the right direction. Hell, I say celebrate every day regardless of what direction you are moving.

If ever there were an argument for Brexit and other actions against centralising authority, this is it. But only the most naive among us would ignore the following, and we can no longer afford to be naive:

  1. They are very, very clever, but it is their arrogance that will be their undoing. #DowningStreetParties

  2. The only thing that has changed in this “war against the virus”in the UK is this blunder of the mandating class. We aren’t better off because of the mandates (see item 4). Some of us can finally allow ourselves to see this now, some of us have always known this, and clearly they DEFINITELY know this and have always known it.

  3. The move to Plan A is 100% a calculated move to take the heat off of Boris and ultimately undermine the struggle against totalitarianism. They are playing the long game. Don’t think for a minute that they won’t come at us again with more bullshit – the pattern they’ve established over the past two years is all too obvious. (See item 6.)

  4. They are already suggesting that they are giving us our freedom back because of how wonderful a job they have done in fighting Faucivirus. This lie accomplishes two things: We all let down our guard because we’re just so relieved that the bullshit narrative is crumbling and it takes the heat off of the indiscretions of those spinning the bullshit narrative.

  5. The bullshit is still alive and well Down Under, in the US, in the EU, and across the world. We have to keep spreading the truth for all of the oppressed everywhere. So long as there are any of us arguing in defence of slavery, apartheid, mandatory participation in dangerous medical experiments, isolation, breath obstruction, testing, vivisection, torture, rape, and/or murder of ANY being on this planet, the fight must continue. All beings are entitled to Life, Love, and Liberty. None of us are free until all of us are free.

  6. Don’t kid yourself: The 5th Wave of Bullshit is right around the corner, and you will have a decision to make as to whether you are gonna buy it this time or not. They won’t stop throwing numbers and fear propaganda at you, and eventually they’ll tell you it’s time to mask up again. It’s time to go hide in your homes again. It’s time for another booster. It’s all the fault of the “anti-vaxxers,” the “anti-maskers,” the Republicans, the Democrats, the (insert your favourite scapegoat here). You’ll keep pointing left and right until you realise there is only up and down. They know this; it’s time for all of us to know this.

  7. Everybody outside of the experimental control group, all that were injured, all that were killed, and yes, even all of those that are shaming the control group, all of those that are blindly throwing their fellow citizens under the bus and into the backs of police wagons: they are victims of the lie. When the bullshit is finally universally recognised as bullshit and we are rebuilding a world based on Truth and Love and Freedom and Non-selective Compassion, we will have to find it in our hearts to forgive all of these people. They thought they were doing the right thing.

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