Vegans, Jabberwockies, Truthseekers, and Wetiko

I believe that vegans and anti-jabberwockies have extraordinary commonalities. Yes, even the so-called vegans arguing in support of jabberwockyism. We’ve both witnessed things that have shifted our perceptions. For me this was Dominion and other such media (veganism) and a short time later the VAERS reports and other such media (anti-jabberwockyism). Interestingly, both of these profoundly revealing truths are "hiding" in plain sight. They are there for any who dare to see them.

To be a truthseeker one must be willing to witness EVERYTHING and then make up one's own mind. One of my favourite current hobbies is reading through the so-called “fact-checker” reports like this one, and I learn SO much about the efforts of the jabberwockies through doing so. To only witness that which supports your way of thinking is a clear indication of wetiko: You aren’t interested in the truth, you’re only interested in reinforcing what you already believe and protecting the life choices you are already making which may or may not actually be in accordance with what you truly believe.

You won’t know until you actually put those beliefs to the test. If you are right about you believe, then you have absolutely nothing to fear from any article or video or conversation. If you are wrong about what you believe, then you have found a new and better way. Either way, by bearing witness, you earn the right to call yourself a Truthseeker.

Vegans and anti-jabberockies alike aren’t afraid to explore articles, videos, and movies that may or may not support our beliefs. We both have had to go outside of the mainstream media to discover much of what we now believe to be true. We both recognize that large corporations will lie to us to keep us in line and further their profiteering. We both see that industries are not interested in our wellbeing. We both deeply care about the welfare of humanity. We both have been ostracised, ridiculed, and yes, even censored for our beliefs and for daring to share them. We both have heroes who have been cancelled, killed, or have simply disappeared for taking a stand against evil. We both are under attack by the status quo. We both have been alienated by friends and/or family. Likely we have both experienced this alienation in some way even before becoming vegan or before this final desperate stand of The Cult of Progress. We both seek the company and reassurance of like-minded people.

I believe we have more to gain from recognising those similarities than letting our differences generate distrust. I believe seeking to understand the belief systems of people who may have one or two measurable distinctions from your own creates opportunities for us to refine our belief systems and become stronger as individuals and reinforce our army of Truth and Love. In spite of the emotional attachments we all have to our ways of being, we rise above, and listen to each other. If nothing else, it certainly is what is possible, and I hope it remains possible.

And I know shifts are possible: I wasn’t always a vegan, and neither were the overwhelming majority of vegans.

Vegans and anti-jabberwockies both have witnessed other individuals who are otherwise caring, compassionate, highly intelligent, spiritual, and/or highly aware on many levels failing in, what we consider to be, a very important awakening. I know several vegans who are pro-jab, several vegan organisations who are pro-jab, and even some previous heroes of mine who I now have lost some of or all of my faith in. They argue in the language of the hypnotised and shame others just like any jabberwocky. After having previously (seemingly) adopted an anti-cruelty stance, they vehemently argue to justify the abuse of non-humans who have suffered at the hands of Big Pharma for the sake of the jabberwocky narrative. It makes me sick to my stomach. It disturbs me far more than the pre-vegan jabberwockies.

It only goes to show that even vegans – individuals who are keenly aware of the trespasses of the mainstream – can, indeed, be victims of wetiko. One of the first people to attack my jab skepticism was a (previous) vegan hero of mine who has written a vegan anthem. The chorus is: “There’s no excuse for animal abuse.” Apparently, there is. I can’t help but think of the Facebook frames of others (including other vegans I know) that say, “I have a healthy distrust of the government, AND I’m vaccinated.” Clearly, their distrust isn’t healthy enough. My best guess is that, after sitting for years at “the kiddy table” because of their unpopular anti-cruelty beliefs, they finally get to sit with the “adults,” having had their brains hijacked by the false narrative of collectivism.

Ultimately, for vegans and pre-vegans alike, it’s what you tell YOURSELF that will ultimately determine your wakefulness.

It amazes me the kinds of things people will tell themselves about non-humans in an effort to avoid thinking about the suffering they cause, but one of the ones I find most disturbing is the idea that farmed animals go willingly to their slaughter. Other than lemmings, this tendency, in actuality, only seems to exist in humans who have been lied to by various media and industries, but even then they have to be convinced that it is “for the greater good.” I think it’s certainly possible to wear down a non-human to the point where they just give up, but the instinct to remain alive is probably the strongest and most universal of all life everywhere. Even though animal agribusiness has chosen the most docile of creatures as their preferred victims, we just don’t seem to be able to breed that life instinct out of them. I’ve seen them fight and fight HARD to escape what they know is coming once they know. And they know. They always know.

I do so deeply hope that my fellow Truthseekers find time to watch Dominion. I knew animal ag was bad, but I didn’t know just how terrifyingly horrible it was until I watched this life-changing documentary. It will always be our willingness to bear witness to the truth that will set us free.

Farmers “care for” and “protect” “their” “livestock” because that’s how they make their money. It’s the same reason they pump them full of antibiotics, which is nearly the same reason that OUR HERDERS pump us full of pharmaceuticals. Keep us alive as long as possible to make as much money off of us as possible, but don’t bother actually curing us or nurturing us. Humans only have value to Big Pharma when we are sick, and farmed animals only have value to humans when we are stealing from them or when they are dead. It’s the same evil game.

Every animal farmer knows EXACTLY what is coming for “their livestock” once they are done “caring” for them, even if they can’t bring themselves to bear witness to that part of their industry. Protecting animals from the abuse of other farmers on their dramatically abbreviated journey to premature death ultimately only serves to protect the industry from scrutiny, the same way that ag gag laws do. The final destination for all of these BABIES is the ultimate abuse. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, you will never really know. #WatchDominion

As far as the rest of this thread, there is far too much to unpack, and so I have instead put it all into my another article entitled “Husbandry and Wetiko.” I hope you will all find some relevance in it, even if other parts elude you. I suppose I do sometimes take a circuitous route to certain points that I’m trying to make, but what can I say. I’m an artist. :P

In any event, I’m so glad that we are all on the side of preserving human life. I’m hoping and praying that some day that circle of compassion will expand to include our non-human companions as well. I don’t see how a distinction therein is productive in any way – to me, it is all one and the same giant, villainous, murderous, carnivorous Cult of Progress and the sooner we see that, the sooner we bring them down.

We can’t expect our “superiors” to treat us well when we commit exactly the same crimes on our “inferiors.”


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