Shoving Veganism Down Your Throat

When people are looking to solve their problems, they often turn to science for things like insulin, statin, steroids, surgery, vaccines, space colonization, and other stop-gap measures. Then when science suggests that they can prevent and even reverse their problems by changing their behavior, those same people turn away. Shove a prescription in my hand, shove a needle in my arm, shove a blade into my flesh, shove a stint into my artery, force me to wear a mask on my face, force me to stay inside and away from the people I love, but whatever you do, don't suggest that I stop poisoning myself and the planet.

It's been said that I am trying to shove veganism down people's throats – an ugly metaphor of a particularly violent nature. I suppose quite a few people believe this to be an accurate assessment of my activism, more or less. When I hear this specific criticism, I can't help but immediately see the images in my head of humans who are literally shoving giant metal tubes down the throats of geese for France's 20,000 yearly tons of foie gras. When people say I am beating them over the head with veganism, I immediately think of the farmed animals being captive bolt shot in their skulls or the baby birds being beaten to death with shovels.

When people say I can't force my views on them, that I have to respect their personal choice, I think of every one of the billions of animals every year who are stripped of their personal choice, forced to live short, brutal lives, forced into torturous experiments, forced to give us their eggs, forcefully impregnated in rape racks (industry term, not mine), forced to give us their skin, forced to give us their feathers, forced to give us their wool, forced to give us their children so we can forcefully take their milk, until we finally force them into trucks to force them into gas chambers, force electricity into their bodies, force bullets into their heads, force blades across their throats, and every other way humans force death upon the innocent.

The lies of animal agribusiness have been shoved down our throats for generations. By comparison, if we are very lucky, my words may “force” people to reconsider their personal choices. Meanwhile, those personal choices are forcing torture and death upon the innocent, forcing us to endure pandemics, forcing us to stay locked in our houses, forcing us to wear masks, forcing us to breathe the smoke of the wildfires, forcing us to subsidize the meat and dairy industry, forcing the USA to be one of sickest countries in the world, and forcing us to fear the future.

Personal choice ceases to be moral justification for any action in which that action has a victim. Every animal abused, experimented on, exploited, and murdered by our personal choices is a victim. Every person poisoning themselves with that which we take from the animals is a victim. Every person who suffers because of their proximity to animal agribusiness is a victim. Ultimately, everyone of us, humans and non-humans alike, is a victim of the personal choice to support animal agribusiness.

Every time we exercise our personal choice of purchasing that which we take from the animals, we are funding a global holocaust that is the greatest contributor to a global health crisis, global epidemics, oceanic dead zones, global warming, global extinction, global hunger, and global thirst.

All of the science is there; the only thing missing is personal accountability.

I am but one peaceful human being. I am fully aware that I cannot actually force anybody to do anything. I can only hope that my words will cause you to exercise your personal choice to help steer us all away from these atrocities and ever-increasing disasters. I can only hope that you will use your personal choice to know the truth about animal agribusiness, and to tell your children the truth about their purchasing choices.

I can never force you to believe me about this hidden holocaust. No carefully crafted message from me will ever convince you as much as seeing for yourself will. Fortunately, we live in amazing age of activists who risk their freedoms – and indeed their very lives – to bring attention to and expose this hidden holocaust. We live in an amazing age of free and virtually free information. The truth about animal agribusiness is right there for the taking, for free, for anyone who wants it. I can't force you to bear witness, I can only appeal to your compassion, your sense of self-preservation, your love for your children, your love for the earth, and your desire for the truth.

Don't just think you know what's going on. KNOW you know what's going on. Watch Dominion. Watch Earthlings. Bear witness.

Rest in power, Regan Russell

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