Question Authority

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I remember a time in my youth when I was encouraged to “question authority.” People had bumper stickers. I think I put one on my skateboard.

Now it seems that a lot of these same people are encouraging me to not question authority. Wilful ignorance has now somehow become a virtue, especially for so-called liberals. I’m not sure exactly how this happened, but it frightens and confuses me. It’s as if I’ve stepped into an alternate reality.

Are there any of us here who actually feel comforted by the censorship enacted by Facebook, YouTube, et al? Why do any of us trust institutions who lobby for legal immunity? Do any of us have any trust in institutions who redact information from secret communications that are only surrendered by court order? Why do we trust products pushed on us from institutions who won’t release their research data until 75 years after its rollout? Why do any of us trust these institutions after they have already paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in legal settlements for the injuries they’ve already caused? Why do any of us trust regulatory agencies who are literally funded by the companies they are supposed to regulate?

Whenever we are told by the trifecta of politicians/corporations/media (which are really just the legislative, financial, and advertising branches of the same entity) that something is either good or bad, that we are to act a certain way, look a certain way, purchase certain things, consume certain believe certain things, to trust not question them and/or to condemn anyone who disagrees with them, to distrust someone, and especially – whether it is explicitly or implicitly stated – to hate someone, whenever they rush to label someone or attack them ad hominem, it is our responsibility to consider the possibility (read: probability) that they are doing so for their benefit and not ours. There is ALWAYS an agenda, and it is always THEIR agenda. They want you to believe that there is only one truth – their truth – and this is dogmatism akin to any of our world’s history that have birthed the well-known atrocities.

The idea that there are “two sides” to the story is similarly dangerous and reductive, because human beings are far more complex than this. We cannot afford to simply fall in line with a single ideology as put forth by those we consider our “tribe.” I disagree vehemently with many of those within my “tribe” about a great many things. I struggle to maintain equanimity within those disagreements, and so I know that I have work to do – I know that most of the battle for me is within, and perhaps this is the most important part of the struggle, because infighting can lead to disintegration and that only serves the "trifecta."

The stakes are way to high to simply have “faith” in what said trifecta is telling you. The stakes are way to high to simply do as your tribe is doing. Unity, stability, and freedom will only be achieved through a relentless pursuit of the Truth, which cannot be achieved without open, honest debate inside and outside your tribe – and in uncensored arenas. We must talk. We must speak our minds. We must do everything in our power to ensure that our precious opinions are as informed as they can possibly be.

I posted in Facebook the following link from the British Medical Journal, a peer reviewed publication and England's oldest and most respected publication of its kind.

Covid-19: UK makes first payments to compensate injury or death from vaccines

Shortly thereafter my post was removed from Facebook with this alert:

I'm not an avid BMJ reader, but to the best of my knowledge they aren't in the business of misleading people about how to cure or prevent a disease, nor are they in the business of discouraging people from seeking medical treatment. And so I submitted my official disagreement with their decision to censor me:

And now they will consider the matter settled. Do you? Do you find it dangerous to share information from the BMJ? Do you think the BMJ should be censored?

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