Optimism in the Face of Pharmageddon

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The continuation of my work on our vegan musical “Camp Compassion” is, perhaps, my greatest act of optimism in my entire life, and not simply because a fully-vegan musical has never been attempted before.

I have no illusions about the fact that the intention of this musical is to convince people to stop hurting animals. Guilty as charged, and proud to (hopefully) serve this cause with my talents. Concurrently, many humans are allowing themselves to be herded like the farmed animals we (vegans) are trying to save and allowing themselves to be experimented on like the lab-tortured animals we (vegans) are trying to liberate. Intelligent, so-called liberal people – many of them also (so-called) vegans – are handing over their liberties to billionaire, animal-abusing, convicted felons and verbally abusing (or worse) others for not doing so as well.

The theatre community as a whole (most notably Broadway, but elsewhere in the States and Canada) is willingly participating in segregation based on the lies of politicians and their Big Pharma-purchased “scientists.” The fact that many vegans can’t see that these mandates and totalitarian actions are symptoms of the same system that exploits animals astounds me. Indeed, it was only a matter of time before the paradigm of herding, experimentation, and exploitation of non-humans led to the normalisation of doing the same to the rest of us. At least non-humans have the sanity to try to escape their oppressors – many humans are just lining up for their poison and willingly imprisoning themselves “for the greater good.”

So long as I have breath in my body, Camp Compassion will never be performed at a facility that promotes segregation of any kind. It is antithetical to veganism, it is antithetical to the spirit of the arts, and it is particularly antithetical to the messages within our play itself. The fact that performances of “All Together Now” were conducted in vaxport-only venues is bitterly ironic and shameful, to say the least. I'm so glad that The Gatehouse Theatre in Stafford, UK was NOT participating in this lunacy/compliance.

All Together Now? In my day, “All” meant “All.” But then we are living in a time where the very definition of vaccination – according to Miriam-Webster – can be changed simply on the whims of those perpetrating pharmageddon.

Sadly, I’m not sure now what events will have to transpire for there to be a world in which a musical about universal inclusiveness (of compassion) could find its way to the stage for everyone to see. The world's stage has been set by the pharma-technocracy for a war against liberty that seems never ending. It certainly won’t end so long as the well-intentioned masses continue to play right into the pharma-technocrats’ totalitarian efforts.

Perhaps the conditions that allow the torture and murder of trillions of animals every year across the globe has festered for so long that we’ve descended past the possibility of any individual group – be they LGBTQIA, BIPOC, or non-humans – actually attaining the respect and liberty owed to every living being...now that every living being is clearly nothing more than a commodity for exploitation and experimentation.

The segregation being mandated by the powers that be, the shaming, the threat of financial punishments, and the arrests – all fuelled and “justified” by lies and fear porn – create a paradigm in which well-meaning individuals participate in such a way that only serves those who are spinning the lies in the first place. They told us we were gonna be safe if we vaccinated. LIE. They told us that we will be free of restrictions if we vaccinate. LIE. They are telling us there is a "pandemic of the unvaccinated." LIE. They want us to believe that we will eradicate the Fauci virus if we all get jabbed. They told us the WIV is just a coincidence. They told us they weren't funding gain-of-function research. LIE, LIE, LIE.

Make no mistake: No one of us will every be free until we are all free - all humans and all non-humans alike. I have to believe that this is possible. I have to believe that there is a brighter future ahead. I'd much rather live my life as an optimist and be wrong than as a pessimist and be right. And so, I will keep working on Camp Compassion. When it does make it to the stage, it's going to BLOW THE LID OFF. It's FREAKING EPIC.

There are so many things they want you to believe, and it serves them just fine that your neighbour DOESN’T believe them, because they want you fighting amongst yourselves. They want you confused. They want you to throw your hands up and simply fall in line. They want you to think “liberty” and “freedom” are dirty and meaningless words ONLY spoken by “the right-wing, ultra-conservative Trump followers.” They want you to believe that Brandonites have a monopoly on real science. Mostly they want you to believe that there is actually a right and a left.

Never in my life has it been more clear to me that THERE IS NO RIGHT. THERE IS NO LEFT. THERE IS ONLY UP OR DOWN.

What direction are you heading?

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