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Until it became abundantly clear to me that there is a concerted, global effort to eradicate any last remnant of freedom from the lives of “ordinary” people, the main focus of my activism has been the liberation of the most tacit and abundant oppressed group on our planet: our non-human brothers and sisters. Over the past couple of years, the ever-increasing oppression of my human counterparts has threatened to hijack that effort, and much of my blogging has been focused on exposing the plandemic for what it is: a highly calculated psychological operation to goose-step well-meaning people into abusing fellow humans and ultimately into their own slavery. But here’s the thing:

The difference between animal liberation and human liberation is as insignificant as the difference between democrats and republicans. It’s illusory. Animal liberation IS human liberation and vice versa. You can’t have one without the other. Until all are free, none are free. Don’t think for a minute you are free just because your side of the locked cage is slightly larger.

My efforts to wake people up to the lies of jabbism come from exactly the same place as my efforts to wake people up to the lies of carnism: A deep-seated love of the truth. A deep-seated compassion for all living things. A deep-seated belief that all living beings are deserving of life, love, and liberty.

And an ever-increasing clarity about the criminal, genocidal conspiracy of Big Pharma (and other chemical manufacturers), animal agribusiness, social (and other mainstream) media, technology, and governing bodies – regardless if they are “left” or “right.” Same scum, different bucket. For the purposes of this article, let’s call these seemingly distinct elements of industrialized society “The Big Five.”

As Russell Brand put it (and I’m probably paraphrasing): systems exist to perpetuate their own existence. For Big Pharma, that means you are only valuable to them if you are sick. For animal agribusiness, that means you are only valuable to them if you are addicted to their poisonous products and ignorant of the cruelty and environmental destruction that your addiction perpetuates. (Big Pharma and an animal ag have a wonderful, symbiotic love affair, and I'm not just talking about the proximity of their distributors at your local supermarket). For social media (and technology), that means you are only valuable to them if you are hypnotised by their screens. For technology (and Big Pharma), that means there is no solution to modern life’s “problems” other than ones that can be patented. And for the government, that means convincing you that their decisions for your life have nothing to do with the other four institutions lining their pockets. All five function under the paradigm that “more equals more,” and there is one prevailing methodology that has served to perpetuate their greed more than any other:

Fear equals profit.

Show me any product that has ever been sold to you and I’ll show you the fear they are playing upon to do so. I’ll show you the memes that have risen up around that fear to perpetuate your consumption. I’ll show you the “news” programs that scare you and then the ads for products designed to alleviate that fear tucked in between the segments. I’ll show you who owns that media. We are all afraid of facing our own fear because it is uncomfortable to do so, and consequently we don’t understand our own fear. Instead, we allow corporations who understand our fear very, very well to feed that fear and then to feed off of that fear.

Anybody can play this game: Just think of a popular knee-jerk reaction to any mention of a way of being that doesn’t conform to the paradigm of The Big Five. For example, “Vegan? Where do you get your protein?” Be honest: you’ve either heard this meme or you’ve thought it. Maybe you've even asked this very question to a vegan. Well, turns out that once the real science came to the surface, we “discovered” that protein comes from plants – that’s where the cadaver on your plate got it from, and yes: that’s where vegans get it from. Don’t believe me, just ask Nimai Delgado, champion bodybuilder with a superhero-like build: he’s never had meat in his entire life and he has been vegan for several years now. We also used real science to glean that most people (in the US anyway) get way, way too much protein.

Is this a coincidence? Maybe it was a mistake? A harmless mistake? Maybe the best “science” at the time showed us that protein came from meat and now we just know better? They used to say cigarettes were good for us as well. Perhaps that was just a mistake, too? After all, there were “scientists” who showed us just how good cigarettes were for us.

Lest we forget, meat and cigarettes were both “safe and effective.” Now we know better. At least some of us do.

All one has to do to understand the origin and strength of a meme as popular and deceptive as “Where do you get your protein?” is to ask at four questions: 1) Who does that meme serve (follow the money), 2) Where is that meme (or its proxy) being disseminated, 3) Who is paying for that dissemination, and finally 4) What fear of mine is this meme playing upon.

Now think of anything that you believe to be true. Now think of who is profiting from that belief. Now think of where you are being told to believe it. Now think of who owns that media.

Now think of what you fear. Think long and deep about it. Try to understand where that fear came from. Know your fear better than you’ve ever known it, because I can assure you: The Big Five are deeply aware of what scares you. Their billions and billions in profit depend on that knowledge. In other words, it’s their job to know your fear. And where you aren’t afraid enough, it’s their job to enhance that fear. And where you aren’t afraid at all, it’s their job to manufacture that which makes you afraid.

We may have more to fear than fear itself, but we have nothing to fear MORE than fear itself.

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