Cognitive Dissonance Vol. 2 - Ag-Gag Laws

Ag-gag laws - laws that criminalize exposing the truth about animal agribusiness - are the legal manifestation of the collective consciousness of the holocaust denier. Many people who pay for someone else to murder our non-human friends have the same internal psychological laws that similarly criminalize the truth, and will similarly punish those who try to expose their minds to it. When they tell a vegan "I don't want to know," or "I don't want to see that," the psychic defenses of such people often condemn the vegan under the statutes of their internal ag-gag laws, and yet they themselves are the ones paying for the actual crime. Both institutionalized ag-gag legislation and psychic ag-gag behavior are indicators of the same truth: Hurting animals is wrong. The lawmakers know it, and so does our conscience.

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