Climate Change, Veganism, and Freedom

I remember when climate change started to become a buzzword. I remember my girlfriend at the time thinking I was nutty for suggesting it wasn’t happening. I remember her going online and deciding, after some research, that I was right. I’m sure that she has changed her mind by now, what with the constant barrage of a climate change narrative. And, like so many others, she is powerfully influenced by her “tribe” to simply do and think as they do and think.

I personally moved back toward a climate change reality after a while, especially when it was clear that animal ag was contributing more than any other industry. Assuming that “greenhouse gasses” is a real thing, animal ag is THE WORST we’ve got:

I must admit, like most things we are told, I actually don’t really know if climate change is a real thing. The concept becomes increasingly suspicious when it is reinforced by known liars/hypocrites/genocidal maniacs. We are told a lot of things by authorities (in the name of science AND in the name of God) that most laypeople will never have the opportunity to sort out for themselves, and we except these things for a number of reasons – mostly because it is convenient to not go against the grain.

I have gleaned information from both sides of the climate change argument. I have developed a belief system based on that research. Nevertheless, I refrain from the hubris of asserting that what I believe to be true is actually true. I have yet find any one source of information that doesn't leave room for doubt. I have yet to listen to any single "authority" on any subject who isn't wrong about something.

Fortunately, you don’t have to believe in climate change to do the right thing (vegan). If climate change IS indeed a thing, then going vegan is the absolute best thing you can do to fight it. If climate change isn’t a thing, then OOPS: you’ve reduced unnecessary suffering, saved valuable resources, decreased your potential for a plethora of morbid diseases, reduced pollution, helped save natural habitats...the list goes on.

I'm happy to listen to arguments for or against anything. I'll even entertain arguments that the enslavement, torture, and killing of trillions of animals every year can be justified, even from people who are screaming more than ever about freedom (?). But the only absolute truths I will ever entertain are that ALL beings deserve the same freedom I have (and I deserve) and that no one has the right destroy my planet – whether or not that destruction is also changing the climate.

I wouldn't want to move forward on false pretences, to be sure, and no truth (or lie) should ever become a device for the oligarchy to take even more freedom away from us. But freedom doesn't mean you get to (continue to) destroy the planet. Freedom doesn't mean you get to (continue to) enslave, torture, and kill others. “Personal choice” ceases to be a moral justification when there is a victim of your personal choice.

Nobody's livelihood should be taken away from them in the name of saving the planet. Similarly, nobody's life should be taken away from them in the name of "it tastes good." Veganism doesn't mean humans lose freedom, it means non-humans gain it. We can live without animal slavery just as we can live without human slavery. We can have free world and a vegan world. We will never all be free so long as we are promoting slavery for some.

I don't agree with the oligarchy making decisions that limit other peoples freedoms AND I don't agree with humans making decisions that limit non-human freedom. To me, they are one and the same ideology and I struggle every day to understand why people don't see this connection. We are slave owners who want to be free!

In the defence of this slavery, we justify destroying the planet. There is no clean meat, not on an ecological level and most certainly not on a spiritual level. If we acknowledge the destruction of the planet, we acknowledge the role we play in that destruction, and no one wants to do that. But we must make this acknowledgement if we are to have a free, clean, and spiritually-advanced planet.

If we deny climate change, so be it. But we cannot deny the holocaust of suffering we inflict with animal agribusiness any more than we can deny animal ag's thousands of pig shit lakes, creating dead zones in the ocean, resource depletion, destruction of wild life and habitats...the list goes on and on and on and on.

Glyphosate? We produce more food to feed to animals that we slaughter than we do for humans. So if you want to reduce glyphosate usage, go vegan.

You don't need to acknowledge the hypocrisy of spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on the welfare of “your” animal(s) while funding the slaughter of others. You don't need to believe in climate change. You don't need to acknowledge that funding unnecessary suffering runs in direct contradiction to a spiritual life. You don't even have to like vegans or the things they do to disrupt slavery and murder. You only need to be concerned about your own welfare and the welfare of the ones you love. Vegan is for everyone.

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