A Man Can Dream

The told us it was effective. It isn’t.

They told us it was safe. It isn’t.

And now, finally, the UK government itself is owning up to the life-threatening side effects possible with the jab.

Could this be the beginning of the end of the lie?

Maybe the thousands of documented victims and their families will finally begin to be believed and offered medical and financial assistance instead of simply being shamed and ignored for having been hurt by this thing they lined up for – in good faith – just like most of us did.

Maybe the (potentially) millions – if not billions – of other victims will now have the courage to come forward.

Maybe more people will take the time, as I have, to witness the thousands of names of the injured and killed on the VAERS website, the US government’s own reporting system (assuming they keep it publicly available), and/or the similar websites in the UK and elsewhere.

Maybe the people I know who had adverse reactions will stop shrugging them off.

Maybe the people I know who have administered this poison themselves will stop, and also forgive themselves for doing what they thought was right at the time. (I forgive you.)

Maybe people will think twice about putting more (and yet more) poison in their bodies.

Maybe all the poisoned people will begin to receive the medical attention that they’ve always deserved.

Maybe governments will finally begin to think twice about letting Big Pharma tell them what to do.

Maybe people will start getting their news from sources not owned by Big Pharma.

Maybe alternative treatments once shamed by Pfizer- and Gates-owned media can move from being quietly recommended by the NIH – yes, the NIH does recommend an Ivermectin protocol now, look it up – to public acceptance.

Maybe early treatment will now be offered to Covid victims.

Maybe American hospitals will stop denying people medical attention for simply not getting the jab. This means you, UW.

Maybe people will start considering natural immunity as a viable solution for the overwhelming majority of us who are not at any particular risk from this virus (I had it, my whole family had it, and we’re all just fine).

Maybe other governments will start to acknowledge the risks of the jab as well now that the UK has blazed that trail.

Maybe more people will start to see through the thin veil of “in-the-name-of-public-health” rhetoric begin pushed on us by convicted felons and their purchased “news” media and government officials.

Maybe all governments will start to question the efficacy of all these mandates.

Maybe the countless gas-lighters and shamers will now think twice about their actions and words.

Maybe this entire house-of-cards plandemic will crumble and my friends, family, community, and fellow citizens of the world will feel safe to give hugs, sit in rooms together, sing together, and dance together...once again.

Maybe – just maybe – there are ways to protect the vulnerable that don’t involve risking the very lives of our children or putting people in internment camps or house arrest.

Maybe the FDA, the NIH, the WHO, the CDC, and all of the individual billionaire bastards who are turning us all against each other while raking in the dough will finally have to answer for their crimes against humanity, non-humans, and the planet as a whole.

Maybe then we can get back to solving the real problems in the world instead of living in the increasingly divisive terror of immensely exaggerated problems while excusing and/or rooting for totalitarianism.

That’s the world I want to live in. That’s the world I see possible. That’s the world in which my plumber can still come fix my boiler even though he’s tested positive (we haven’t had hot water for months now unless we boil it on the hob). That’s the world in which a stranger isn’t shaming me at the library for not wearing a mask (mind you, most of the staff weren’t either). That’s the world where I don’t have to worry my kids are gonna be coerced into getting poisoned at school. That’s the world where my wife doesn’t have to wear a mask for eleven hours a day, six days a week while she helps Jeff Bezos make more billions. That’s the world where I don’t have to wear a mask just to get a bank account or see a pantomime.

That’s the world in which anyone who wants to go see a show on Broadway doesn’t have to show their papers to do so.

That’s the world in which something like Howard Springs isn’t possible.

That’s the world in which anyone and everyone will be allowed to see this musical that I am pouring my heart and soul into – in person, unmasked, no matter what their jab status is.

That’s the world I want to live in. That’s the world I see possible.

A man can dream.

So very grateful for the health of friends and family who have been jabbed, survived, and aren’t yet suffering from side effects or too many side effects. May that continue to be the case.

So very grateful for those who have been jabbed, aren’t yet suffering, but refuse to stand with the shamers, haters, and useless/inhumane mandates.

So very grateful for those who have been jabbed, have suffered adversities, and have had the courage to speak the truth in spite of the shamers and the ignorant. My heart is with you. Stay strong.

So very grateful to friends and strangers alike who have the courage to speak out against lies and tyranny in the face of rampant censorship. Stay strong. You are not alone.

So very grateful for those who recognise the strength of natural (acquired) immunity. My health and continuing freedom, as well as that of my family’s, is dependent upon the wisdom of such uncorrupted knowledge.

So very grateful to every single person who questions so-called authority and/or refuses to continue to participate in what one very wise woman called “The Greatest Lie Ever Told.”

So very grateful to everyone who recognises that this is most definitely not a left-wing or a right-wing situation, and that such distinctions are illusory, particularly when the freedom of every single human being is at stake – except, of course, the “freedom” of the pharma-technocratic elite.

So very grateful to every jabbed person that recognises that vaxports do NOT equal freedom, that we all are entitled to make up our own minds about what medications go in our bodies and our children’s bodies, and that none of us are free unless we are ALL free.

So very grateful to small businesses that aren’t participating in the bullshit which means I can still congregate with other woken individuals.

So very grateful for the hundreds of thousands/millions of people world-wide that are in the streets on a regular basis calling out the bullshit of the mandates.

So very grateful to all of my vegan people who aren’t casually disregarding the animal holocaust that is the source of this plandemic, the magnifier of the plandemic, the diet that creates most of the co-morbidity of this plandemic, the collateral deaths of the mandates and market failures and panic buying, the culling of minks and other animals, the ingredients and processes of the jab, the thousands if not millions of animals tested on and murdered to come up with this poison and show its deficiencies, the real suffering that goes unnoticed because of the imaginary suffering, and the oceanic and other habitats being destroyed by disposable masks and other Fauci virus industrial activity.

So very grateful for everyone not under the spell of Big Pharma and their purchased “news” media.

So very grateful for those who have the ability – and humility – to change their minds.

So very grateful for this sunny day, delicious vegan food, my health, the health of my wife and family, and all of the opportunities and circumstances that have been gifted me so that I may see and speak the truth.

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