A Simple Test to Determine if You Cause Unnecessary Suffering

1. Do you consume any type of animal product or products tested on animals? This includes but isn’t limited to: the flesh of cows, pigs, chickens, fish, turkeys, rabbits, leather, honey, silk, down, wool, lanolin, milk, butter, eggs, cheese, etc. If no, thank you. You are a vegan and you are not causing unnecessary suffering. If yes, move on to question 2.

2. Do you believe that non-human animals have the capacity to suffer? If no, please take the time to be around animals when they are in captivity and/or being slaughtered. Barring this, there are many videos on YouTube where non-human suffering is evident. You can usually tell suffering by erratic behavior, mournful moaning, injury, bleeding, and screaming. If yes, move on to question 3.

3. Do you believe that it is necessary for human animals to consume non-human animal products to survive and be healthy? If yes, please do a search on the internet, or spend some time around a vegan. If no, move on to question 4.

4. Will you continue to consume animal products, products tested on animals, or give money to companies that exploit animals? If you answered yes, then you do indeed willfully cause unnecessary suffering. If you answered no, congratulations, you just became vegan! Welcome to unlimited compassion, a cleaner conscience and body, the solution to zoonotic pandemics like COVID-19, and the pride of knowing that you are not contributing to the most environmentally destructive force of human invention.

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