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Some time ago, I pretty much stopped posting on The Book of Faces. I dunno...I guess, for me, something about that format makes me feel like I am only ever cultivating my self-importance. Whether or not a blog will serve a higher purpose than a FB post is anybody's guess. Here's hoping.

There are often things I care to share that some, at least a select few of you, may care to hear. I don't have thoughts on everything - and expertise on yet fewer - but you can expect to probably read musings on music, nature, and spirituality...at least. These are the top three topics that make my sleigh fly, so dash away all! Oh yeah, I'll muse on Christmas, too. By and by. Probably way too early in the season for some of you. I'll try to stay off of social and political topics - I feel like there is no shortage of that to be had elsewhere, but, you know, some times it can't be helped.

In the interests of this first post being more than just a dry introduction, I share the following video The Art of Listening. It never ceases to amaze me the kind of quality media you can discover in places like Youtube if you are willing to wade through the noise. There are people that enjoy music and then there are music enthusiasts; this video is more for the latter, but you may just become such in the viewing of this wonderful documentary. I've got more for you, but we can start here.

My name is Aaron Cadam Samuels and I approve of this blog.

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