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★★★★★ “Aaron is awesome to work with. I came in after 10 years of playing [piano], 6 years of not playing. I wasn't sure how to get started again, but he was able to assess where I left off and work with me to identify where I'd like to go with my practice. He's a pleasure to work with, exceptionally well versed from pop to classical, and great at articulating theory in a comprehensible format.”  ~Anna H.


★★★★★ “Aaron has taught two of my children guitar, voice, and composition since 2011. To say that he is talented is an understatement. He is not only musically skilled, he gets people. He saw what each of my kids needed to break beyond their limits and truly excel at their art. He is a strengths-based teacher who is able to bring out creativity in young people. We have appreciated the positive force he has been in our children's lives. It's not just about the music.”  ~Kathryn T.


★★★★★ “Before starting voice lessons with Aaron, I had been out of the singing game for 7 years. Wanting to get my groove back before an upcoming acapella audition, I enrolled in a few sessions. Aaron not only helped me learn three new pieces before the audition (both the vocal and performance aspects of the songs), he also totally reinvigorated my passion for music and belief in myself. Aaron's deep knowledge of music and his ability to inspire make him a phenomenal coach/teacher.”  ~Amanda K.

★★★★★ "Aaron has been quick to respond with his expertise in helping me prepare for several musical theater auditions in the city. At short notice, he's learned new music as well as taught me nuances about those songs, cross-referencing them with other renditions, while guiding me through innovative vocal exercises. All this culminating into deep and enriching discoveries with my talent, resulting in a foundation of self-confidence and a sheer excitement to sing for the joy of it! My belief in his work, his profound care and attention (and my gratitude for it) can simply be measured in the amount of successful callbacks I've received for every audition he's aided me, as well as landing a major role in a production at one of the leading theaters in town." ~Lamar L.